Prerequisites for running FLACManager


FLACManager requires Python 3.3+ and the tkinter module (including tkinter.ttk) to run.


Apple no longer includes X11 with OS X. If you encounter an error message indicating that the DISPLAY environment variable is undefined when attempting to run FLACManager, you will need to install XQuartz.

Additionally, you must register for a Gracenote Developer account to obtain a user ID and client ID (which you must then provide in the flacmanager.ini configuration file).

FLACManager also has several software prerequisites. Each of the following can be installed via MacPorts, or follow the links to the original project pages to download sources and build/install yourself.


The flac and lame executables must be on your $PATH. The location of the libdiscid shared library must be specified in the flacmanager.ini configuration file (e.g. /opt/local/lib/libdiscid.dylib).

Additionally, FLACManager calls the following programs which are available in Mac OS X and should not require any special/additional configuration: